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It’s NEVER Goodbye!

It’s NEVER “Goodbye” because the world has become SO SMALL through technology!

Even so, It has been fun to try to “fit in” one last coffee or one last lunch with friends.  THANK YOU… thank you… thank you!

“To Do” lists… NOT!!!

Some days it feels like so much gets accomplished and other days not-so-much… 

In fact every day life can get in the way of my planned TO DO list.  And thank goodness life happens so I can get a break from that internal task-master. 

But Today it was not a FUN break from the work.  Kirk and I took Patra (our beloved princess cat) to the vet because she was acting sick.  We spent hours waiting to see someone and then the x-rays alone cost over $300.00.  Not a great day, that’s for sure. 

We’re praying for a health miracle as her prospects were less then optimal.


Questions about this SITE

So why did I make this blog?

As a mother of FIVE children and a daughter of FOUR parents, I wanted to have a simple way for them to follow my radical shift in my life. My collegues and closest friends have become my FAMILY too so this is a creative way to keep them informed. Additionally, I recently met many family members on my father’s side who come from or live in PERU.  I want to also stay in touch with them (although I might have to figure out a way to translate into spanish lol!!!)

What happens if you decide to LEAVE A COMMENT?

After you submit a comment – I am notified via email that someone has sent me comment and I then I will ACCEPT (or edit and then accept) the comment which will then be posted for others to read.  It is not automatically posted until I see it.

Do I WANT my family and friends to post comments and messages?

YES please! I love interactions with those I LOVE! You are amazing!!!


Spiritual Psychology

My passion is to LEARN!

I have always been my happiest when studying something that fascinates me.  I love human behavior and I love the spiritual concepts that exist upon our planet.  In 2007 I read a wonderful book called Spiritual Psychology by Steve Rother .  I found it while visiting in Salt Lake City when my daughter Jessica and I went through a book store together.  Two of Steve’s books jumped off the shelves and into my hands and I ended up sitting in the bookstore reading avidly.

Steve has a website called Lightworkers and I ended up reading all of Steve’s books that year.  I then attended his week long workshop called “Spiritual Psychology” which changed my life.  I knew that somehow I needed to incorporate this material into my career.  This yearning eventually shifted my then present career (as a mediator and conflict coach)  into a much desired vocation; or as author Greg Levoy describes, a calling.

 To read about my upcoming Spiritual Psychology program please Click here

As you can imagine… I am very excited!

The BEST and WORST of times


It’s really ALL perfect!

Over the past numerous weeks, my life has been two-fold;  consisting of working at a wonderful centre downtown (called BC Families in Transition  ) and SELLING or GIVING AWAY every earthly belonging I’ve had to prepare for my MOVE.  So many thoughts went through my mind each morning, as I reviewed my “to do” lists. 

My favorite part of the process was seeing people happy when they bought my “stuff” at a reasonable price.  I also enjoyed “gifting others” – and of course seeing the appreciation as they enjoyed what had once been mine.

The worst part was when I became overwhelmed and grouchy at the magnitude of the task ahead.  Interestingly, even on the most emotional days I never asked my self “What if what I’m doing is SILLY or wrong?”  Instead I heard my inside voice ask – “OK, so how are we going to do this?”

As I enter the last days within my lovely home … a house that echos now because it is so empty, I still marvel at how comfy I feel under my duvet at night, on a plain foamy laid against the floor.  I still feel like “I have SO MUCH!!!” and additionally… so much to look forward to!

It’s a bit of a paradox that I wanted to share!  Carolyn Myss (author) often shared within her work that the most humble of moments and circumstances often turn out to be the most important… while the most grandeur and prestigious events, in contrast turn out to be the least memorable or impacting.  My humble moments these days – are blowing my mind!
Off to bed on my floor foamy…
Love Laura xo


Hello Friends and Family

Unbelievable?… I know, right?

By now you probably know that I am in the midst of a HUGE move.  I have been living in Victoria BC for 27 years, and in the province of BC for 31 years.  A few months ago it occurred to me that I am no longer where I am suppose to be.  My divine guidance showed me my next step, which required some radical action on my part. I have been in the process of selling everything I own, and putting the important parts of my 51 year existence into boxes that fit into a space of 6ft x 6ft.  This was quite a feat.  This required “letting-go” of everything from my past.

Additionally, I’m driving my little Nissan Versa across to the eastern side of  Canada to attend a school program in Toronto Ontario.  The program is called Spiritual Psychotherapy and it is held at The Transformational Arts College.

I have to express how powerfully supportive my family has been when I shared my crazy but magnificent plan.  Each one of them in their own way has done their part to cheer me on and supply me with love, creativity, devotion and most of all LAUGHTER.  I am the most blessed of women.  I love you all dear family (and also dear soul family of friends xoxoxoxo)

This blog is created mostly for ME – (my daughters know, after all… “it’s ALL about me!”) as an outlet for my creativity and a record of this fantastic journey.  And I would also like to share with my family and my dearest friends the adventures that I encounter.  Please feel free to respond to my posts, which will breath life and laughter into my creation.

Blessings to you all with the wildest of imaginative ideas to spice up your life!

Love Laura




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