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I got to ONTARIO safely… (What a drive!!!)

Travelling from West to East

I began my travels by taking the Coho Ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles




GOODBYE lovely Victoria BC



I have walked around this Harbour many many times (sniff… sniff… sigh!!!)






The drive through Olympia to Portland was BEEee-autiful!!!  I had to struggle with keeping my eyes on the road because of the beauty that surrounded me.  The weather was perfect for me to wittness such magnificant scenic wonder.  Mother-earth is gorgeous, is she not?



















My first stop was in a little tourist town past Portland.  I wanted a cool drink and some fruit.  As I parked and prepared to cross the street, this fiery classic car drove up beside me.  Everyone’s eyes (including mine) moved toward this colorful Ford Coupe. 



 I didn’t stop very much, so arrived in Salt Lake City ahead of schedule.  I stayed with my brother George, his wife Kristen and met my new niece Kyra.

It was VERY HOT in Salt Lake City… a nice change from BC weather.  Unfortunately in the heat, the larger trucks sometimes lose part of the rubber on their tires in their travels.  The rubber goes flying off into the highway and into the perilous way of any nearby driver.  This happened to a truck travelling ahead of me, and the debris hit my car (and also the car behind me).  My front bumper was smashed by the flying debris and continued to make a dragging sound until the mechanic in Salt Lake bolted it up for me.  I know that I was very lucky, because not only did I remain safe and unharmed, but no significant part of my car was damaged.  I KNOW that I was protected through the prayers and thoughts of my loving family and friends… (Thank you all, and thank you also to my Guardian Angel Team)



















I stayed in Salt Lake City for two nights and then left early the following morning .  I quietly slipped while it was still dark in order to bypass the sluggish activity of construction areas that were in my path.  I had a GREAT visit with George and Kristen but I was looking forward to contining my travels. (SO EXCITING!!!)

The next 2 nights found me in NEBRASKA… Not the MOST exciting part of my trip…Roads… and Trucks… and Fields… and Heat… and let’s not forget the Road Construction!   The pictures pretty well tell the story…







When I got to the EDGE of Nebraska (Omaha) I was pretty tired of driving.  I became grouchy and despondent.  I think I had 3 subway meals within that 48 hour period.  Why?… because – at least I knew what to expect in the way of food.  Restaurants were risky (for me anyway…)




That night I couldn’t sleep… So I left the hotel by 3:00am and “beetled through” Chicago and Detroit.  These two cities  were previously the two areas which brought to my mind the MOST dread.  Even so, because it was so early, I only had to deal with the large trucks in my travels… as opposed dealing with commuting autos, road-construction workers AND large trucks.  In comparison,  it seemed like it was a BREEZE!!!



When I got to the CANADIAN BORDER, I felt so relieved and happy.  I sang our Canadian national anthem with VIGOR and heartfelt emotion as I drove towards the 401. (Yes, I think my eyes were even glistening with tears… I know, pathetic right? … but REALLY… you had to be there!!)  ONTARIO is truly BEAUTIFUL!!!  The tall trees and forested areas are breath-taking.







Once I arrived in London Ontario, I pulled over to the first TIM HORTON’s I saw… (YEH!!!)  and had myself an Ice Cappuccino and Fruit-burst muffin.  I called and sent texts to all of my family to share my “high” about being back in CANADA.  Endorphins were pumping through my body, and even though I still had 3 hours to drive in order to reach OSHAWA (my destination), I was feeling so happy that the time went by quite quickly!









Presently, in Oshawa, I am staying with my brother Rob and his partner Lynn.  Also around at times, are Rob’s son Jared (16 yrs) and daughter Hope (11 yrs).   I have now been here for a little over a week and will start my school program in 4 DAYS!!!  I have taken the GO train and subway to downtown Toronto to take a tour around my college.  I decided to go BEFORE school started so I could make all my mistakes without having the pressure of being late or missing class.  And I DID make my share of mistakes.  Reading the train board at Union station was a challenge, and finding a cash machine to buy tokens was a surprising challenge, as the subways only deal in cash.  While travelling home, I noticed all the “pro-transit travellers” doing all the short-cuts to bypass the rush hour parking-lot frenzie.  It was both entertaining and annoying at the same time.

I feel very thankful for the lovely room where I presently reside.  My computer and desk is now organized, set up and waiting for the school assignments to begin.  I am looking forward to meeting the other members of my program.  

My travels across to the East were an adventure that I am both grateful for, and pleased to be finished.  Travelling that distance would have been much more enjoyable with another driver, and someone to talk to.  Even so, talking to my family and friends from SKYPE in the evenings was energizing and assuring for me.