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How often are you silent enough to hear God?

How often are you silent enough to hear God?

The truth is, I’m not silent enough! That doesn’t mean that I don’t set things up in my life to restrain and curtails media and loud music blaring through my space.   I don’t watch TV unless it is strategically neutral (in order to help balance my work load) and additionally mindless, without any commercials or News.  I rarely listen to music when I drive, unless I am intentional about what I want to hear, and how I want to feel.  Instead, I usually drive in silence, and I enjoy the silence very much.  I like to walk in silence as well, but often hear the voice inside my head during those times that say “I should have brought my audio-books so I could learn more while walking”.  Interesting how that voice always wants me to keep learning.  It’s a noble request, so it is not shut-out by me, but I see now that it requires some balance, because I can see I am not comfortable with silence for long durations.


But the Divine seems to connect with me most while I am in my dream state, or when I am so tired that the thoughts in my head finally cease, giving way for the sweet concepts of the Divine to come through.  So it is not my external habits that keep my environment from being quiet and receptive… it is my internal environment, which is a relentless active mind that goes in the solid direction of analysis, recall, reflection, to-do lists and “what do we need to worry about today?”.  Wow, that is like having a CEO who is in charge all the time in my mind.  I don’t know how I feel about having a CEO in charge of my life.


Successful times wherein my silence allows for divine connection and communication occur when I walk in nature, and sit for awhile to simply observe.  Usually I have no schedule, so it might be on a weekend, with no appointments, or I might be in location that I have travelled to, away from every day life.  I also hear inspired thoughts when I attend yoga, and immerse myself in movement within my body.  I then notice that everything becomes still and my body is more grounded which seems to provide the perfect circumstance for downloads of important information to come through.  I know it is important and divine because it is humble, uplifting, encouraging and filled with self-love.  It is also a time when the simple things around me seem heightened with beauty and significance.  The sunshine, or children playing together or perhaps a memory of something that seemed trivial, but was actually quite significant will come to me with a metaphor meaning or a “connect the dots” type of “AHA!”.


We are now in a world that is so full of gadgets and distractions that we have to work at getting to a place to meet and absorb the messages of Divinity.  Even in our conversations, we can feel uncomfortable with silence.  And yet, I’m realizing that having silence is one of the most important states that we may choose.  I don’t think that experiencing inspiration is a reward for getting to the state of silence.  I just think it is one of the easiest ways for connection to occur.  But having a soulful connective experience with source is our birthright, and such a willingness is always supported by our guides and spirit team.  I know that they have been very creative regarding my connections in order to get relevant and important information to me, during times where my mind was much too active.  I simply make their jobs easier if I can create a habit or ritual of being the most grounded, peaceful and silent receptor available so that magic can transpire.