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My Eulogy

My Eulogy Assignment in The Spiritual Director Program

This is the video of my Eulogy assignment.  Unfortunately someone called my iphone (which was in video mode) during my presentation, so there is a section that is missing which introduces some of you kids.  But enjoy it anyways.  It was fun to do, and I received positive feedback, that is shown at the end of the video.

Sending love to you my wonderful family,
Love Laura xoxoxoxo
Click Below to see the Video xoxo

How do you see your future if you don’t change

How do you see your future if you don’t change

Interestingly, my future easily becomes my past if I’m not paying attention.  For example, when I meet someone who has a particular behavior to which I react to in a familiar and ineffective manner, then the outcome is predictable and it is time to change my response. If I don’t make a change, it’s like our old wise friend Einstein shares; “It’s pure insanity to react in the same way and expect a different outcome”.  In relationships, the change that we have power over, is not a change in another.  Accessible change happens within ourselves, and may thusly move outward and affect those around us.  If we continue to respond in default mode when triggered by another’s behavior, it becomes obvious that we did not learn, integrate and neutralize the important lesson when our “irritation button” got pushed. Because, really; “It’s all about us” right?


It is an interesting phenomenon when we consider lives as Human beings.  The seasons that we experience each year present themselves repeatedly as Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.  They may represent our birth, early years of learning, harvesting of the toil, and death, or transformation.  It’s like everything that surrounds us gives us the chance to “try it again” if the last time around didn’t go well.  I had a dream early this morning, and I was in school finishing an exam.  It was a challenging exam.  The next thing I knew, the Instructor came out and handed me back my exam and told me I had failed it.  I was surprised and devastated as I scanned the large red letters reading “FAILED”.   I was busy perusing the pages carefully, trying to count up the points, and examining where I had done things wrong when, all of a sudden the Instructor grabs my hand and pulls me in whirl-wind fashion out of the room yelling excitedly… “Common, let’s go for an adventure”.  The next thing I knew I was in a jeep with him in the middle of the Sahara desert wearing large dark sunglasses and those funny hats with nets.  I’m sitting there experiencing my own chaos-moment thinking in my head “this is BIZZARE! I just failed my exam!!…What-the-hell am I doing in the Sahara dessert?”…  (Note-to-Laura!… ”Never think thoughts in a dream state and assume that no one else can hear you”) <smile>.  My Instructor then turns to me and says… “Ya, so what?  You failed an exam!… All you gotta do is take it over again.”  It was simple to him, and he just didn’t want my failure to get in the way of our next exciting adventure.  It was like… “Get over yourself… and just do it better the next time!”


So what is it that causes resistance in us when a change is needed?  Why do we feel exhausted when changes happen “to us”, or even when we shift into change consciously?  I remember reading that if a single cell could… it would stay still and not evolve or move.  It would lie on the glass microscope plate and simply become a slothful cell.  Then when Scientists start poking and prodding that cell… which causes it discomfort; the irritating prober causes the cell to move and respond, triggering an evolution of sorts.  Drop another single cell onto the plate, and there is either attraction or repulsion; a chemistry between the two cells and either way, a response wherein something occurs.  What is that something?  Growth?… Expansion?…Learning? Well, in a parallel manner, here we all are… Human beings made up of millions of regenerating, intelligent single cells, and we are doing essentially what occurs in the single cell world. We are relating to one another with attraction or repulsion behaviors, and experiencing learning, growth and expansion.


The moral of this little submission is this; when you make a mistake with another human being, you are guaranteed to have another opportunity to make an “inside change” and do things differently.  The face of the person may look different, but you will experience a familiar energy charge when the perfect being steps forward to assist you to learn and grow.  So celebrate, and let the failed exams go into the recycling bin.