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Do you Judge before you Understand?

As human beings we are hard-wired to judge before we understand.  Our purpose is to experience a life within a physical body in a physical reality so… in order to do that… we have to be resilient enough to survive surrounding factors that influence us adversely.  Therefore we have within us an Assessment Software Package … I call it a scanning mechanism which kicks-in where ever we find ourselves surrounded by a threat.  The scanning mechanism has been in existence since our Egos were poked into paying attention.  This probably occurred while coming forcefully through the birth canal and into the Doctor’s waiting hands.  Our naked warm bottoms were abruptly slapped thereby welcoming us into the physical world.  Nice welcome… Thanks Doc!  Those bright lights, scratchy towels and hospital smells were a memorable touch also.  Before that traumatizing event, my guess is that our Ego remained somnolent and somewhat dormant as we snuggled comfortably in the womb… being fed… sung to… and massaged through the tummy by our moms or older siblings.  Life was good right? 

Getting back to our Scanning mechanism; when we experience something uncomfortable or painful that sensation then signals the Ego to become alert and pay attention. [Scanning has begun!]  The Ego then makes an immediate judgment as to how safe our environment is towards our flourishing existence and instantaneously directs us to make behavioral adjustments in order to get us back to homeostasis. (aka…to feeling comfortable and safe).  Nothing wrong with that mechanism!  Even so, Ego will always give us instructions based on past negative experiences.  Having successful future outcomes based on past negative events has a low victory rate. Ego is limited and ridged when considering change and possibility.

As we evolve we realize and become increasingly aware of a different part of us, which is discreet, unobtrusive, neutral and wise.  The Observer (and some use the name “Soul”).  In a manner of speaking, our Observer is pure awareness.  He/she notes all significant experiences (including wounding) yet holds no emotional charge or judgment.  The Observer keeps track of the lessons learned within various contrasting interactions with no attachment, holding no story nor perpetuating further drama. Instead they sustain an inner-knowing that everything is occurring perfectly for the individual’s learning.  It is like the Observer has access to the larger picture of our individual body and personality and remains watchful of the unfolding of our unique blueprint; living in the present moment as opposed to the past or future where Ego resides.

The Observer and the Ego initially seem not to communicate, until we are emotionally shaken-up enough to shock and silence the Ego. The Observer then speaks gently through the silence.  This shake-up awakens our awareness of the Observer and dialogue between Ego and Observer may then occur if the individual remains conscious and aware.  However not all persons stay aware, and many fall back asleep when the shake-up subsides, allowing the Ego once again to be in control.   

When activated or triggered, the Ego scanning mechanism absorbs immediate sensory data input followed by a judgment in order to kick-start a reaction that has the intention to assist us in surviving.  Even so, we are not always assisted optimally because Ego is also a very young and impulsive part of us. He/she for example is not yet able to assess priorities or access frontal cortex thinking which is abstract.  In other words: it simply lacks maturity. The Observer, on the other hand is the ancient part of us that carries all the memories and lessons of our many lives. Yet, without consulting with the Observer – becomes similar to allowing a new young, naïve and power hungry Intern to be the CEO of our long established multi-million dollar organization. Because the Intern is just learning the ropes it might take a few staggering shake-ups and painful mistakes before Ego even notices the Observer’s wealth of wisdom.  The smart move is to get the two of these parts conversing – as early as possible. This can be accomplished in a plethora of ways such as experiencing silence regularly, connecting with nature, tracking one’s dreams, paying attention to what the body is telling us, working with a psychotherapist… and so much more.  The Observer is always accessed in subtle methods because it is a subtle energy.

So how does YOUR Scanning Mechanism work? Do you…1/notice physical and emotional sensations occurring first within your body and THEN with further thought and intention – choose how you are going to respond?  Or 2/does a random reaction occur; similar to a hijacking wherein you ask yourself “Where did that reaction come from?”  If your life consists of mostly number 2 situations, it might be time to get to know your Observer better in order to respond to all events with intention and purpose.