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Re-entery from loved ones in BC

As many of you know…

I have had a difficult time adjusting to returning to Ontario after such a LOVING and JOYFUL experience with my loving family and friends.  In the course of my emotional challenge, which seemed to drag on daily… I have turned to the Higher part within me to give me answers to the pain and loss that I have been experiencing.  This has become a regular thing between my Soul and I…  I write questions… and I receive blocks of ideas  (to type) that answer my questions from a higher perspective.  A perspective that includes aspects that I had not considered from my earthly state.  My direction forward is going to be to share this writing with the hopes that others will find comfort (as I have) from these perspectives that come from Spirit.  Please enjoy my new way of sharing with you…
Love always,



Letting Go AGAIN…


There are times within one’s life where we need to let go of another… to let them fall from our gaze and to know that they are – in fact – well taken care of on their path. And even though we know this within the highest parts of us… there is a portion of us that will always remain “in personality” as we dwell in physical bodies within our lifetime… and so that “personality” part is the piece that often resists the loosening and letting-go of another. It could be a loved one who lays before us ready to cross the veil, or it could be a loved one who has partnered with us in some manner… it could even be with our children in some situation of conflict or when they leave to go out on their own. And “gripping” unto another is holding someone tightly against their will… and it is painful on many levels for both of you… so to visualize loosening the grip… as if to hold a small bird in the palm of your hand. Well now, that is the perfect way for each of us to hold one-another. What do we do with that little bird? We let them have movement, and breath and most important… the choice to fly on their own and leave your presence if that is their wish.


The reason why we as humans feel such a void when someone leaves our presence is because it is somewhat our first negative experience… the separation from our place of Love when we experience the initial push of our vast energetic selves into our limited dense heavy physical bodies. We miss that place, (our prior home) which holds so much love from all who surround us, and then our birth brings us into a cold and separate reality, and we immediately tense up and feel fear. It is known that being born (if and when remembered) is always more traumatic than our transition of death across the veil. And so when another decides to leave our presence because their own free-will causes them to do this, we feel our core sense of abandonment. It is ancient and raw… running back many lifetimes ago; so understanding that this makes the healing-work around this issue more about US and less about the other person who is leaving. For that person is well on their own path and has listened to their own inner-knowing about the direction they need to be on. 


So dear ones… do not take the “leaving” of another so personally… with so much agony and doubt… thinking thoughts that are not useful… for the action of another speaks only to the need for them to complete their work which they came to earth to do… and not so much to you or your perceived needs of them. For what-ever has occurred between the two of you is now complete on some level… and should you find each other at a later time within one another’s realm once more… then “trust that” also, and converse freely with your soul asking… “Soul… I find this person once again here? What is my lesson this time?… or how may I be of assistance to their highest learning?”


And in this manner will you excel in every relationship, whether it be Parental, Peer, Lover, Colleague or Teacher. Remember always that we have come from a place of great light and knowledge, and we are here living an earthly life with only a portion of memories and light. This often leaves us feeling as if we are fumbling in the dark… and additionally that we are making mistakes. But know this dear ones… that there ARE no mistakes… only experiences that teach us about ourselves, and broaden our vision and compassion for others. For are we all not ONE?… and do we all not experience similar experiences?… and yet continue to feel alone within our own such experiences?


Even so…we are not ever alone. For there is an end-result … a finish-line that we are always moving towards, and there are those unseen ones who stand on the sidelines and cheer us on, giving us hints and portions of information that will be helpful. And there are other unseen ones who step in from the sides to touch us lightly as we move past them on our path, and still others who send exhilaration and energy through their thoughts, prayers and healing visits. Know that in your experience of feeling like a separate soul, that you are NOT in fact separate. You are so connected with many, and when you cross your finish line, it will be in a perfect time and place for you. And the questions and complexities of this life will be in view before you so that you may fully understand and integrate ALL that is important.

So carry on and know that this is so – and have no fears along your journeys.

For all is well with you!





























Exiting summer and entering autumn – A season to reflect

Exiting summer and entering autumn – A season to reflect and begin again.

It can feel sad for some to watch the days shorten and the evening become cooler. Summers are often relaxing and carefree; they are full of sunshine and memories of warmth upon our skin… so we may experience reluctance as we leave summer bliss.

There is a new smell in the air.  It is fresh and crisp and reminds us it is time to buckle down and become productive again. School starts, deadlines become more pressing and we consider what we want to accomplish over the next months.

Historically when we were all connected to the Earth and universally relied upon her bounty to feed our families, the autumn season was a time to harvest our crops and prepare for Mother Earth’s sojourn into her long sleep of winter.  We feel that nudging even now as the seasonal changes become evident. We will no doubt change our eating patterns to adjust to the lowering temperatures. We will also become more introspective and reclusive as we refine our spiritual gifts and prepare for the next important phases in our lives.

The Autumn Equinox is the ‘ Notifyer’  that more radical seasonal changes speedily will descend upon us.  We will watch Mother Earth paint for us gorgeous landscape scenes that include an abundance of color and texture.  The animals will begin behaving differently, and we will smell different scents within the air.  Wood-burning stoves begin being used again… and fallen leaves will be gathered into piles…( jumped into <smile>)… and eventually collected, bagged or burned.  The Equinox date for this year falls on September 22nd.

In the E-article The Spiritual Meaning of the Autumn Equinox , the writer shares the following idea.  The autumn equinox is the time of balance between day and night, before night takes over and brings the coming winter, a time of darkness and death. This duality between light and dark exists within humanity, and in the work of spiritual transformation… All things must die before they can be born, all spiritual ascent requires descent first, and all those who long for light must firstly face their own inner darkness and overcome it.  

This is part of the sacred purpose of this particular season. Utilize the Equinox date to set goals and bolster your determination by clarifying your personal intentions formally. Also give thanks for the rich and memorable times that the summer months brought forward to you.

Rituals and/or daily- schedules that include positive mantras, introspective durations and meditative moments will make the autumn and winter months transforming, positive and memorable. Know that every season has a collective influence on us as human beings and that moving “with” the season moves us forward; keeping us in appreciation of where we are NOW.

I wish you all a joyous and loving Equinox celebration!

Love and light always,


I want to give credit to the article I referred to… so please enjoy the fullness of the author’s words by clicking on the purple link below…

The spiritual meaning of the Autumn Equinox