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During times of Fear… What is required of us?

November has shown us a frightening world these past weeks.  We have been witnessing the cries of help from many who have experienced fear and loss.  Mother Earth has been clearing and purifying energy through the natural disasters around the world… and because we are not separate, it is expected that we all feel such heavy feelings.  And the unknowing  parts of us think… “why am I feeling this way, when I am so far away from the natural disasters that have occurred to others around the world?”  And this is a normal question, because we as humans think in finite terms when we are on the earthly plane… however, our energy… the part of us that animates our physical bodies…  comes from one universal source, and so we are ALL connected and affected by all things, whether we are awake and aware of it, or not.

So over the past weeks there has been an extraordinary heaviness upon the world that is quite confusing to many of us.  And compounded by our own personal events, we additionally experience low morale.  We have felt tired, and at times a sense of hopelessness surrounding us.  Time has seemed to possess some kind of distorted magic in that it can seem to go so slow, and yet also breezes by us like an unrelenting wind.  It feels like a dichotomy.  Nothing seems to be happening, while so much is happening on several levels.  Part of it is our view… our very limited view.  Because so much is occurring globally and on a planetary basis, we feel anxiety because we have not the vision to encompass and comprehend how the events connect and matter to us personally.  But they all do… and we all know this on our Soul level.  Yet many are not yet connected to their soul, so instead of “allowing” without resistance and having the faith to believe that everything is in a place of perfection, some rest their gaze on a smaller limited picture, which may include personal loss and fear of the unknown.  (And this is by no means minimizing the losses that have occurred, nor the confusion and chaos. May we all find gratitude in the modern technology that allows us some forecast time and ability to reach out to all with assistance and love)

What is now required of us, is to look inward instead of outward.  Change begins with noticing within ourselves how we are feeling, and where we are holding those feelings in our body.  We can feel certain emotions (fear, loss and confusion) without BEING those emotions.  We can lean into them, and encourage them to move through our bodies, while we wisely observe their motion, and we can move them into the direction of clearing through our power centers and meshing with Gaia’s core (our planet’s center) in order that she may utilize and neutralize the energy.  We all know that energy is never destroyed… it merely changes form, and we as powerful Co-creators are able to use our thoughts and words (both personally and collectively) to shift energy into a form that can “assist” instead of “block”.

This takes some focus and stillness, because when chaos surrounds us, we often are no longer being led by the higher part of us.  As physical beings, we have two kinds of brains at work… one which is a higher functioning brain (our frontal cortex) which does high- analysis and abstract thinking, and the other is the older primal brain which sits at the back of our head near the base of our neck.  It is called the Amygdala, and it is and has been useful to us when we experience any kind of threat to our existence.   It moves us into action either to “fight” or “flee” from danger.  It is informed by our five human senses and is limited to low functions of cognitive ability. Simply said, it lacks maturity and higher vision.  When we as humans find ourselves in fear, we are often initially hijacked by the lower brain, and we cease to think in a high functioning manner.  Part of this is because our body pumps mega-loads of adrenaline through our system, so it’s a natural reaction to find the lower brain in charge.  So there may be MANY who are running around within a chaotic situation with little (or no) functioning and reasoning mind power.  And that is how a human being acts when they are surrounded by fear instead of love.

In any situation, when fear abounds within our energy field, it takes some amount of focus to ask questions of ourselves in order to gain divine clarity and to center ourselves;  “Is it helpful for me to resist WHAT IS in this moment?”… “How can I take this moment and act from a place of love instead of fear?”… And reminding ourselves that “My emotions are not who I am… my emotions are just emotions, and they will change with time”.

Additionally we can invite our Higher selves to “take the helm”.  Our Higher self or Soul self has all the knowledge and wisdom of our continual existence, and he/she knows with earnestness that everything is exactly perfect and well for the learning of us; both personally and collectively.  The Higher self has no judgement or blame within him/her.  They are observers who continually attempt connection with the rest of us so as to give us guidance and assurance along our life’s journey.  When we are fully connected with Soul, we feel centered, calm and at peace, no matter what chaos surrounds us.  The rest of our bodies (emotional, physical and mental) may still feel  like things are NOT in exact perfection, but being in connection with Soul allows the totality of us to know deep inside that ALL is perfect, even if we feel sad, in pain, lost or confused.

Staying connected to Soul takes a conscious and determined effort.  It means connecting every morning in some manner before we enter our day and greet other human beings.  It means chasing negative thoughts out and replacing them with strong affirmations. When we remain connected with Soul, we will still make the mistakes that all human beings make, but our responses with others and with ourselves will be different.  It will be centered, clear and positive.  And most importantly our actions will come from a place of non-judgment and love.

May we continue to be awake observers to what is occurring within our own Human being-ness.  May we find the gold within each mistake and may we have the inner resilience to complete the lessons that our Soul-self drew-up within the blueprints of this lifetime.

May we all “stay awake” and respond always from that place of Love.

Sending heart energy to all,