Monthly Archives: December 2012

What has tragedy taught us?

The world has been in ever-shifting chaos over this past year.  Confusion continues to abound, and yet there is also alongside the painful situations, a “shaking up” and awakening of mankind, both individually and within its larger communities.  The meaning that these painful events hold, remain so limited and elusive to our earthly view, and it is a common thing that fear would course through the bodies and psyches of so many when these  tragic events transpire.

And yet, there are many wise and willing souls who do stand unnoticed among the masses holding and anchoring the light that is needed to allow such tragedy, change and chaos to move in the most positive of directions.  It is of vast importance that those holders-of-light continue to stand in faith and knowing that “all will be well”  within the growing pains and purification of the Global Ego of mankind.  Ego has always been about survival you see.  That is where greed, fear and competitiveness come from…  And any thoughts of “not having enough or not being enough” come from the Ego.

And so within the global happenings which seem overwhelming and too much to bear, there also exists the recognition that pain, loss and uncertainty are universal emotions, and that every human being who has lived upon this earth has had some contact or engagement with them.  So knowing this gives us some choice.  We can either turn away so as to not feel the awfulness again, or we can with courage, embrace the ones who are in wretched torment today, letting them know that we stand with them and spend time also within their season of tears, and that we also bear the agony alongside them in silent companionship.

This will be (and is already for many today) the state of our future… the knowing that we are so connected to one another that we cannot think a thought wherein it has a rampant effect on others surrounding us.  Words are powerful, and words are the result of thoughts and beliefs (both conscious and unconscious).  Becoming aware of our thoughts and managing our words will bring the world to a new paradigm and higher way of being with one another. We are no longer able to lie or hide our thoughts.  The veil is now too thin.  Who we are, and what we think shows readily to others through our energetic countenance.

So why not begin the New Year by thinking thoughts of gratitude and love? Shall we not awaken each morning and look about us in order to note those things and people that we are most grateful for?  Focusing upon the strengths of one another and forgiving the mistakes that each one of us makes.  This will indeed allow us to ripple out into our families and communities at a higher vibration and way of being.  Remaining present in the moment when one or another beckons our attention or has need of our compassion.  There is nothing that exists within our reality that is more important than remaining present and attentive to a soul who is in need “now”.  Let us listen to our inner voice which holds such wisdom and love, and let us put aside the rushing and escaping from the Now.

May we reflect upon our past with gentleness… and may we move towards our future with an expansion of self-love and a renewed devotion towards our New Earth.