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Understanding our Soul’s Purpose

SoulEnergy2Understanding our Soul’s Purpose

Most people, when asked “do we have souls?” answer; yes!  Even so, getting a consensus on what the soul is becomes elusive.  Albert Einstein taught us that “everything is energy” and that when the molecules of any object are vibrating at a low enough frequency, we are able to see the object with our sensory eyes, and feel it with our sense of touch.  In other words, when the object is dense and heavy, it means the molecules are moving slow enough to be seen and felt by our body’s senses. Yet when the rate of each molecule within the object increases, the result is we cannot sense its existence any longer with our primary senses. The data coming through our 5 senses have a limited capacity because of our human bodies.  Don’t misunderstand me though.  Our bodies are a perfect vehicle for us to experience our human journey and our survival within planet Earth’s dimension.  Even so… our soul’s substance is not a low vibrating energy.  We are capable of learning to sense our soul more readily as we develop our non-physical senses and when we do, we additionally become attuned to the many other unseen dimensions that exist around us.

Our souls are made of very light energy that vibrates at a high and incomprehensible rate.  I call the substance “pure animation”.  Other known terms are; “a spark of the Divine, a drop within the Cosmic ocean, or a unique piece of God”.

Our soul is always present, each moment of our human existence.  We know when we are “soul-full”, because we feel emotions that are aligned with soul; such as joy, happiness, enthusiasm, peace and love.  “But what about the times when I don’t feel happySoulEnergy5 emotions?” you ask… “Where is soul then?”  Our choice to come into this earthly experience and pour our energy into a biological vessel (body) enables us to have an adventure that includes a vast array of emotions.  When we experience less soul-full emotions, such as anger, frustration, disappointment and hurt, we understand clearly through our human vessels, that we are no longer aligned with our soul, and that our ego is now “running our ship”.  There is no right or wrong to this realization, as this was the exact purpose of this lifetime adventure… to EXPERIENCE so much!  Our egos are an important part of our human-ness wherein they allow us to forget our previous existence before birth, and also ensure our survival in such a low vibrating dimension. Part of our maturation and evolution within our earthly lifetime, is learning not only to understand and manage egotistic thoughts and emotions, but to additionally really listen and align to our soul counterpart.

Our soul will always speak softly and gently to us.  Never is Soul interested in sensationalism or drama.  Ego instead thrives on using those aspects. Our soul has no judgment, yet is a keen and precise observer.  Being connected to one’s soul will always find one in a place of peace and calm, even if you are feeling sad, perhaps because of a loss; or disappointed because of another’s treatment of you.  Soul imparts to your human-ness the forgotten wisdom that places you in peace, with an added understanding that “all is well and perfect within this moment”.   Soul encourages you to trust in the Divine’s broader vision and to relinquish your resistance to what is occurring around you which may seem chaotic.

In addition to all of this, the soul has a specific role and purpose within our life.  It holds personal history and information about us as unique individuals and additionally activates the blueprint of our spiritual SoulEnergy4gifts and personal path towards our highest potential within this lifetime.  Soul does this at the perfect time, and with our collaboration through our free-will and choice.  Each of us brings to this life-time a piece of a large and significant puzzle.  Each one of us is needed in order to complete the puzzle. No other person can replace us or accomplish what we are meant to do.  And having shared all of this, we still must awaken and become activated enough in order to agree to working  with Soul towards completing our highest purpose.



More about this topic will be presented in the Soul Series Workshops.  See details below.












1. Understanding our Soul’s Purpose -Wednesday, October 23, 6:30pm to 8.30 pm

We are all unique and magnificent expressions of the Divine.  Additionally, each of us has a soul-guided agenda in this life-time  which our own souls are aware of. Have you struggled to recognize why you are here? Does it feel like there is a fog of forgetfulness that surrounds you? Learn why, and explore some ways to help gain an understanding of your challenges as well as clarity of your soul’s agenda in this life-time.

 2. Understanding our Soul Contracts with Others – Monday, October 28, 6:30pm -8.30 pm

A conversation about the following terms… Soul mates, Twin flame, Noble friends, Catalyst, Activator, Messenger, Teacher and Soul family. Who are the significant individuals who have shaped your personality, environment and belief system? How have they been assisting of the accomplishing your soul’s agenda and how can you recognize them along your life path? Join us for an animated exploration, and realize that this  is only a peek into the vastness of this topic.

3. Understanding Lover-Relationships – Wednesday, October 30, 6:30-8.30 pm

Our Soul evolves and expands the most from our Lover Relationships. We  fall in love with those who mirror our greatest potential and illuminate  the most challenging shadow parts of our personality. Increase your awareness through our inter-active discussion and exploration into past and present relationships. Become more conscious and compassionate to the role and purpose of your past and present relationships. Enter into trust and understanding as you capture a broader perspective of human relating and Love.

  4. Understanding our Ego- Healthy vs Destructive:  – Wed November 6, 6:30-8.30 pm

We’ve heard the phrase “He/she has too much ego” or “They let their ego get in the way”. Learn about why we have an ego, and how a healthy ego assists us continually. Also learn about how crafty and slippery our egos can be when we are not aware and conscious of their default  strategies. It is not about being EGO-less, but more about managing the  ego with balance and compassion. Join us for an interactive discussion  of this very impacting subject. It will change the way you view  yourself, and how you respond to others.


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