A Hypnosis Experience

By Laura Luz – Therapist, Counsellor, Wisdom teacher and Intuitive guide

It was during the time when I was healing childhood issues many years ago.  I did not yet understand the power of hypnosis.  The magic of how the induction relaxes us to the state where we not only remember details (which were previously submerged in our unconscious), but also how we intuit vast meaning and understanding from a simple scene.

I enjoyed my entrance into the deeper brain states of Alpha and Theta.  I could feel my breathing slow, and my body limbs become heavy.  The soothing voice was trustworthy, so I relaxed fully into the experience.

I am cerebral during my day-to-day existence.  My mind serves me well, and yet it is a challenge to stop it from over-thinking.  It was a relief to no longer hear the constant voices of the Beta state.  Those “you must do” messages within our human mind can feel so imprisoning.

The state I entered was soft and connective.  The images began to free float and become clearer as I allowed them it.  As I went deeper and deeper, there was something or someone who guided what emerged before me.

My view held me as an observer on a higher plateau, and what came with it was a fullness of understanding and compassion.  The experience reminded me of who I really was.

My awareness went to a scene where I was within my unborn form in utero and my mother was sitting, immersed in thought. 

She was feeling alone and scared while my father was ill and in the hospital.  He was in recovery from a bleeding ulcer. 

At the time, my mother had a young fussy baby who had been born early.  A “preemie” who was nearing four months of age. A challenging baby who resisted nursing and cried constantly.  I noted that she was now even more overcome as she considered the recent news of my impending arrival. 

When I became privy to this memory, it was the first time I became aware that my mother had been a young frightened girl as she considered her future challenges. 

Why was this scene so impacting, you ask?

Because I had never seen her so vulnerable or frightened.  I had never seen her in this manner at all.

All my life, she had appeared to me to be over-confident, in-control and ever so strong. 

To be part of this memory brought forth much compassion and understanding from within me for her plight, so many years prior.

It brought me to a higher level of understanding and love, not just for my mother, but for all of us.  Do we not all experience such moments of alone-ness and inner reflection as Humans? 

We cannot know what another is experiencing or how that experience will fashion our lives.  


The Hypnosis experience gives us rare glimpses into our human experiences.  They are glimpses which are rich with creativity, inspiration and upliftment.  Within us they create the understanding that we are all connected, even though we are temporarily within an individual human experience.

I enjoy introducing Hypnosis to others, so they can experience regular freedom from the Critical mind.  Our healing and personal progress occurs with more flow and ease by using tools such as Hypnosis.  The brain states which become available through Hypnosis are also available through other activities, such as quiet walks in nature, focused yoga or an activity which brings us to a state of joy.

Hypnosis is only one manner of moving us towards an enlightened state.  Yet it is a state which holds simplicity and sureness, if we only give ourselves permission to experience it.

I find it effective because I can do it at any time I feel the need.  Taking five focused breaths that are long and deep easily centers me into a mindful (alpha) state.

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Blessings to you all,
Love Laura


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