Identifying your Intuitive Strengths
By Laura Luz

Intuition1When we first enter the world, we make sense of our surroundings through a number of ways. Being in a human body within a three dimensional existence has us using our five physical senses to relay messages about what is occurring within our environment and outside of our energetic field. For example, when we put our hand out a window, we can feel a cold wind, or sense how muggy it is outside. That information will be useful when we decide to go from inside to outside. Receiving data about our environment as a human comes through sight, sound, touch, taste and smell; and we continue to survive on this planet through using these five senses wisely.

Have you ever noticed that when you put something in your mouth that won’t do well with your digestive system, that your smell and taste give you indicators that this may not end well? When ever I hear a horror story about food gone bad, and someone experiencing the ravages of intestinal chaos, they invariably know “what it was” that created all the upheaval within their system. Additionally, they tend to never want to eat it again in the future. This is a mechanism to keep us thriving on the planet so that we have a future. We learn to give credibility to what our five senses are telling us, and we learn to trust them.

spchild1So what about our intuitive senses which are not as visible as our human senses? A young child who has newly learned to speak, happily tells their parents that within the night, they played and conversed with Grandma. The child is open and joyful about this declaration. Parents may look at one another with surprise because who the child is referring to, died before the child’s birth. They may tell the child that it was just a dream, or that it really didn’t happen because the doors and windows are locked tight, so no one comes into the house. The child then begins to doubt their own sense of truth because in their mind, the parents know best. Pretty soon the child stops sharing about any intuitive events they experience regularly.

When the child is introduced to the school system or a religious culture they encounter a clear bias about how to think and analyze their surroundings. Further to that, the longer the child is exposed to society’s systems, the more the child recognizes that the left-brain way of thinking is valued, because it is backed by evidence. Alternately, right-brain intuiting occurs from within, and there is no exterior evidence when engaging the intuitive senses. When left-brain society overpowers the child’s experiences, their intuitive ways decline and eventually fall to the wayside.   Intuition, like all our senses needs to be practiced and exercised. When not used regularly, intuition becomes less familiar and we are not confident when engaging with it. Some children have even experienced being medicated into submission if their intuitive abilities caused problems with coping or fitting into mainstream systems.

For many, there is an eventual awakening that occurs; a realization or remembrance that we are much more than a mortal body with a personality and thoughts. Scientists concur that we are all made of energy, and have layers to our make up wherein each layer vibrates at different vibrational frequencies. Our physical layer is the most dense and slowest frequency. It vibrates at a low enough frequency that we maintain a form that can be seen and touched by one another.

layers1Our Thought-patterns are the next layer, and vibrate at a higher frequency which is presently undetectable to human sight although is somewhat detectable through bio-feedback technology. Even as I say that thoughts are not seen, I do so with reservation, because as we develop our intuition, we are able to sense thought patterns and know if someone’s thoughts are positive or negative by tapping into the energy field surrounding the thinker. The indicating energy is called Emotion; (E-motion, known as Energy in motion). The Emotional layer is what motivates our thoughts into action, or in other words is manifested physically in some way. This Emotional layer vibrates even higher still.

In the simplest terms, our Soul energy is the highest vibration within our earthly dimension, and is known by many terms. One’s Life-force, Vital force, Spirit or Psyche is what brings animation to the temporary physical body that we have in our reality. When our life ends, it is only the physical layer that we leave behind. All the other layers are connected to the Soul. Consciousness exists within the tapestry of the Soul, and has been neatly categorized for human understanding into three areas; the Subconscious, Conscious and Higher conscious minds.

Intuitive sensing is also neatly categorized for easy understanding. Most of us, despite our confusing upbringing, find ourselves using intuitive sensing in various ways. The term “gut instinct” has credible value within the business world and gives us permission to use our intuition. The term refers to using our reptilian or “old brain” which was utilized for self-preservation within early or primitive human development.

Claircognizance1Claircognizance is the intuitive sense that we all experience, yet is least understood. It literally means, “clear knowing”. It shows up when we experience something as truth without knowing how. We make many decisions each day on whether we trust someone, or if information is a fit for us through this sense. Often it is our initial sense, that may get over-ridden by our conscious mind because the conscious mind is ruled by the ego-mind and is all about fitting in, looking good and getting ahead. When we become more awake and aware, we tend to use our Claircognizance to shift and change how we view truth(s). Through its use, we develop an understanding that truth changes as we evolve, and more than one truth can co-exist and be observed at once.

Clairvoyance1Clairvoyance is the next most known Intuitive sense, which means “Clear vision”. Images, impressions, metaphors or symbols come through to the receiver whether their eyes are closed or open. Flashes of information come in a manner that is seen, hence the ancient known term “Seer” which is used to identify those who have more mastery over this intuitive strength. Visuals include colors, lights, auras, scenes like a small movie, seeing ghosts, spirits, spirit-guides and much more. This particular intuitive gift is the most sensationalized, intriguing and most sought after by human beings.

Clairaudience1Clairaudience refers to psychic hearing and is often connected to how someone who channels receives information. It is the receiving of messages in thought form from another frequency or realm. It has been described commonly as “the still small voice” or “the little voice in our head”. Others who have experienced crisis, have heard messages firmly directed to them, such as “Stop!” or “Don’t go this way” which proved to keep them safe when reflected upon after the event. I remember a time when I was travelling alone, and through a fluky weather encumbrance, I ended up staying at a sleazy motel in an unfamiliar city. The highway exit I needed to take was flooded, and I had to wait until it was clear to reach my destination. I felt uneasy as I drifted to sleep, remaining dressed in my driving clothes. Around 3.00am I heard a loud voice wake me up which said “Get up! It’s time to go”. I did not question it, and was up and out within minutes. Our Spirit Team of unseen family often relay messages through Clairaudience.

Clairscentient1Clairsentience is the ability to feel within one’s own body – sensations of energy around them. Have you ever walked into a room, and without anyone saying anything, you know there has been an argument? Or when house shopping, has one home felt “happier” than another? Do you pick up sadness in areas where tragedy has occurred? I have heard stories from those who visited the most devastated parts of war-torn Europe and have acutely experienced a myriad of negative emotions as a result of standing in the places where others experienced excruciating situations and emotions within the wartimes. These recognitions are examples of this uncanny yet valuable sense. Through clairsentience, one also feels the existence of ghosts who choose to stay in the realms close to three-dimensional Earth because they are connected to certain people or places. Learning how to manage clairsentience is a challenge for very sensitive individuals who must learn to discern which energy does not belong to them, so they don’t take on emotions that are not theirs.

smell1Clairgustance (Taste) and Clairolfaction (smell) are two senses that we don’t use regularly since the fast-tracked development of modern technology. When it comes to the intake of food, we instead refer to the expiration dates on packaging, and trust that they are accurate. The make up of chemical substances in scented toiletries has especially impaired our ability to sense healthy smells. For those who are awakening to the value and development of their intuitive gifts, these two particular “clairs” often bring memories or assurances from family members who have crossed over into spirit. For example, the taste of fresh apple pie can bring intimate warm memories of visits to Grandmother’s house, or the smell of a familiar smoking pipe can indicate that a loved one has come to visit and wants you to know of their presence.

All of us are born with intuitive gifts and abilities. Individually, we possess some that are easier for us to use than others. Take some time to recognize the easy ones as your default intuitive strengths. Then you can set the intention to consciously follow up with some practical exercises in order to strengthen the others and balance out all of your intuitive abilities.

Laura Luz is a Therapist, Intuitive Guide, Spiritual Director and Wisdom Teacher. She uses various intuitive methods which assist anyone who is pursuing either personal healing or an awakened sense of their spiritual path.  Readers have permission to use this blog submission through printing or re-posting given that all information, including the authors name and contact information is included.


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  1. Great post Laura… as usual. I love how you find the essence of what are not easy topics and provide such claircommunication (sorry, couldn’t resist it!).

    A few years ago, I fell asleep at the wheel of my van on a bridge. Just as I was about to do a Thelma and Louise I heard “wake up! wake up!” very distinctly and obviously I responded. Clearly my time had not yet come – now I fall asleep at the wheel deliberately, just to test ’em. (Just kidding)

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