Across the Veil

Once free of the body,
the soul is able to see truth clearly
because it is more pure than before
and recalls the pure ideas which it knew before.
— Plato

In my teen years, my fascination with life-after-death grew into a main interest.  In 1975, Dr. Raymond Moody, released his best-selling book, Life After Life, which focused public attention on the topic of the death experience. Moody coined the term “near-death experience” (NDE) and once his book came out, many others began to share their experiences of returning from death which they previously had kept secret.  The first book was followed by others, each including case studies belonging to individuals describing their experiences of dying.  When they understood that they were dead, and that their physical body was separate from the aliveness they were experiencing, a series of events occurred which were comparable to others who had also died and returned.

One major similarity revealed, was that we who are living on planet earth, are being monitored, encouraged, taught, listened to and loved each and every moment of our existence. When case studies described the communication that transpired between newly dead humans and beings of light, it became apparent that we are continuously cared for invisibly. The beings who met those who died might be past family members, or familiar spiritual mentors, who brought information and messages that were life-changing.  The presumed dead person was told to return to their body, that they would recover to complete their life, which would unfold differently than before dying.

Melvin Morse was also medical doctor who wrote books about NDE’s but worked with children. He began quietly interviewing young patients who he knew experienced death and were resuscitated. Even though the case studies were from children who were much younger than previously shared experiences from adults, both versions had similarities of what transpired across the veil.  Both men were medical professionals who authored books about life after death and their submissions gave permission to many who had previously experienced NDE’s to also step out and share.  Before such books arrived, many knew not what to do with their experiences, or who to tell. Many were afraid that their families and friends would view them as crazy, or to blame the experience on medication or anesthesia.

Reading the works of Raymond Moody and Melvin Morse made me excited and enthusiastic about new information being shared about other realms of life outside of earth life.  The topic exhilarated me and brought me much hope as I scoured each case study for more clues about what existed outside of our temporary earth life. I wanted to remember my Spirit home.

What did it mean to me to find these books and authors so early within my lifetime on planet earth?  Let me attempt to explain it to you dear Reader using the vibrational alliance of my thoughts and words.  What these books instilled within me was a state of peace and calm.  I was brought to a place of a pure-remembering of my own soul signature, which only confirmed that I was not what I was previously conditioned to think about myself. That I was so much more.  I recognized that I was within a stage of development, similar to an embryo which knows not what the outcome of their growth and expansion will be.  I felt limitless and full of potential.  Fear ceased to surround me, and what filled the space was faith and trust.

Our linear world had valued only evidence-based concepts, and here were two brave authors immersed in the traditional medical world, who stepped out, putting their own credibility at risk by sharing new information about life and death.  It was new evidence never shared before in quite the same way.  I have often imagined what these men endured as they walked the halls of their profession amidst whispers of disbelief, amusement and scepticism. They were perhaps at times, the butt of jokes behind closed doors.  I wondered if they had ever felt a subtle level of persecution for their courage to converse about a topic that no one within the medical profession had dared to before.

Western culture being mainly Christian are conditioned to believe that this life is all there is, and that within our one-life we either succeed or fail.  That we will forever be slated in a certain place after our life ends, because of how we lived our one-life.  When I came across these books, outside the guardianship of the church, I immediately knew how the introduced evidence about life across the veil of this Earth-reality, was monumental.  I also knew that this was only the beginning.  That there was more evidence out there for me to find and to place into the jigsaw puzzle of truth that I was trying to make sense of.

My new truths were that we are not living in isolation.  We are loved and cherished by others who we presently cannot see.  I understood that within our human condition,  our view and ability to conceptualize broad concepts was presently slow and limited.  As an emerging teenager, the prospects were exhilarating, and changed how I viewed my life going forward.

Roger Mutimer