Human Being Ness

Exploring our life experience

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 Human Being Ness – Exploring our Life-Experience

This book is for the Seekers of this world.  Those individuals who love deeply, yet observe the state of our planet and ask WHY?  Perhaps you one of them!

  • Do you ever wonder who you really are and why you are here?

  • Does the state of mankind cause within you a fervent yearning to assist and change how things are?

  • Have you the feeling that deep within you, there are hidden talents and gifts – unique to you – which are waiting to be noticed and activated?

If so… this is the book for all of you who desire to dissolve the veil of forgetfulness and remember.

Within these pages are concepts which are notable, ancient, yet have been lost to mankind within the chaos and interference of our time and space.

You have been drawn to this book through a harmonic vibratory alignment.  There is a tie between you and the direction this world is headed.  Within you, there is a piece of exceptional brilliance which contains your unique potential, waiting to be ignited and developed through your very own focus and choosing.  You are part of a dynamic shift which will change our reality’s trajectory.  It is a most exciting time.

Human Being Ness shares with you a roadmap of what inner-excavation entails.  We may feel like we are powerless in a world that micro-governs mankind.  Exploring and reintroducing ourselves to who we really are – reminds us that FEAR has been exercised upon us to both control and anesthetise us.  As we gather our courage to ask the important questions - learning what is real - we simply drop our fear.  We heal our personal self, thusly enabling our assistance towards others who are opening and ready.  

First our families, then our neighborhood communities and eventually mankind as a whole.

Human Being Ness introduces simple methods of bringing truth and data back to us - information which has been previously forgotten and hidden from us.  We really do have all the answers within us.  Yet we have been taught to perpetually look outside of ourselves for truth.  It is now time for you to know your own truth!

Human Being Ness reminds us that life has meaning and purpose.  Through intimate conversations, dreams, metaphors and experiences, Laura shares what could be anyone’s personal story, and brings you full circle to a perspective of whole-ness, joy and gratitude. Her wisdom is inspiring and uplifting.  Her writing holds clarity and truth.  Allow her to prompt within you, glimpses of personal insight which are beyond your current view.