Exploring The Human Experience


After 8 weeks of exploring the mysteries of life, you can expect to see the world and your role in it in a completely new light. The curriculum is taken from my upcoming book “Human Being-ness”; it starts before birth, covers your development as a physical, mental and soulful being and how to expand your awareness and raise your vibration. To say it is life-changing is an understatement!


Date: Saturday, November 9, 2019 for 8 weeks

Time: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Location: Victoria, BC

Cost: $360 ($290 if you register before October 25th)

Deposit of $100 on registration, balance at first class.

Preregistration required. To register, please use the contact form or my Facebook page, and I will send you registration and payment details.

Please bring a light snack and water.

Detailed Outline

1. The Beginning of Being Human

  • Transition from across the veil into our world.

  • What have we forgotten about ourselves?

  • What is the difference between Personality self, the Soul and the Higher self?

  • Why did we pick Earth to incarnate upon?

  • Why is it that life is at times so challenging and painful?

  • What is my Soul’s purpose within this lifetime?

2. Using our Intuitive Strengths as Humans

  • Learn about the different Intuitive Styles

  • Become aware of your own two predominant ways of Intuiting

  • Understand why Intuition was never taught within the school curriculum

  • Experience some exercises to help you grow and expand your Intuitive Strengths.

3. Understanding our Family contracts

  • The Roles and contracts within families; how have they developed us

  • Gaining clearer view of our personal family systems

  • Noticing our resiliency as well as hidden patterns

  • Exploring the role of “Authority” within surrounding systems

  • Thoughts and Beliefs; which ones were downloaded without our consent

  • Introducing “collective ego” vs “personal ego”

4. A closer look at our Ego

  • Ego Defences and sub-personalities

  • What is the role of “ego” within our lifetime?

  • When did the development of our Ego begin?

  • Is there such a thing as a “healthy ego”?

  • Why are some Ego’s allowed to cause such harm and pain within the world?

  • Exploring our beliefs about Ego.

  • Viewing the positive learnings that Ego has gifted us.

5. Life Lessons on Earth

  • There are themes we choose for ourselves when we come to earth.

  • What are some of those themes which show up in our lives

  • How can I identify that a theme (lesson) has been activated?

6. Shadow Work – Our deepest Healing

  • What is Shadow Work?

  • Why is it a challenge to identify in our own lives?

  • What is the best way to know we are in our shadow?

  • What are ways of healing?

  • What does being “integrated” mean?

7. Relationships and Romantic Love

  • Theories of “Matching”

  • Stages of Romantic Relationships

  • Sacred Relationship Contracts

  • Karmic Relationships – Identifying them.

  • Breaking patterns – How and Why 

8. Responding to our Human lives with Compassion

  • Understanding energy and vibration in relation to thoughts, emotions, and actions.

  • Exploring “What humans view as “good or bad” may be a vast “contrast of vibrations”

  • Developing a Soulful view – How do we do that when our Human part feels such pain?

  • Self-Love and Self-forgiveness; An exploration of what those terms mean.

  • Seeing reflections of ourselves within others and responding with compassion.