QHHT Feedback


 Here is some of the feedback I have received from QHHT sessions.

Hi Laura,

I am deeply grateful to you, to have given me this opportunity to have this amazing experience with the QHHT session. Connecting with my Higher Self felt like I was One with it…amazing! A wonderful feeling of peace came over me during and after the session. Your calming, healing voice made me feel safe and protected. Thank-you. I still feel like I’m integrating all the healing that occurred. I had many dreams throughout the night. It felt like I was in a space of acceptance, and expansiveness. I had never experienced anything like this before. I felt loved and cared for. It was a beautiful feeling! Thank-you again. You’re an angel.


Dear Laura,

I wanted to tell you that I found our three-hour preliminary interview to be the most beneficial part of the day.  Your insight, understanding and experience seemed to be tailor-made for my quest.  You were able to help me clarify the most important aspects of my “story”.  By the time we moved to the hypnosis phase, I already felt I had received the most critical answers I had been seeking.  That couldn’t have happened without your particular depth of knowledge and care. You have a special gift.



Thank you for your help, time, caring and compassion. To me, the QHHT session was a beautiful trip, full of wonders and lessons, and overall, a precious gift that will keep on giving for eternity.  Thank you SO MUCH, Laura.


I have now experienced three QHHT processes with Laura Each has been unique, informative and healing. Laura naturally creates a safe, relaxing and professional environment.  Go in with an open mind and learn as you go.


I cannot recommend Laura enough. My hypnotherapy session with her was so close to home. The places she took me to were magical. I could easily describe it as my safe truth. I found all the imagery and messages tracing my path and purpose. Laura has the gift that allows you to feel a deeper part of your life’s journey. She has this presence to help you navigate through expanded conversations and emotions. Her communication with my higher self was effortless and spot on. I will come back again and again. Thank you for holding that loving space for me Laura.


I found my QHHT experience both revealing and a bit of an adventure. At all times, I felt safe and professionally supported. Laura is knowledgeable, highly trained, educated and skilled. Compassionate and caring in abundance. Most certainly, some blanks in my life were filled in.