hypnosis event



Using it for Personal Healing and Spiritual Growth


Hypnosis has been used since ancient times as a way to connect our many aspects to our Higher Self. In this 4 week class, we explore and experience using hypnosis to help heal our physical body, past experiences, ego domination and relationships.

Each week includes a 20-45 Guided Hypnosis Experience and Q&A time.


Date: Monday, February 17, 2020 for 4 weeks (please commit to all 4 classes)

Time: 6:45 PM to 8:45 PM

Location: Victoria, BC

Cost: $160 ($130 if you register before January 31st, 2020)

Deposit of $100 on registration, balance on the first night.

Preregistration required. To register, please use the contact form or my Facebook page, and I will send you registration details.

Please bring a light snack and water.

Detailed Outline

Week 1 : Healing the Physical-self through Focus and Hypnosis

We have so much power over our physical bodies, however we have not been informed about this throughout our lives. Using our mind's eye and purposeful intention can do many things for our physical body such as:

  • Strengthen our Immune System

  • Heal ailments

  • Sleep more deeply and longer

  • Bring positive changes to our physical selves.

Week 2: Healing and clearing Negative Events in our past

We sometimes carry events which hold us back in a stuck pattern. They are showing up because they are ready to be healed and transformed. This class will assist participants to use a template to clear and heal negative events which show up through self-talk, visions or dreams.

Week 3: Reprogramming our Self-talk through self-hypnosis

Being kind to one-self can be challenging. This class will clarify why we have negative self-talk (our Ego) and how we can connect and change the self-talk to be more encouraging, healing and optimistic. It is all about alignment.

Week 4: Relationship-Healing using Hypnosis

Being in Relationship is a clarifying experience for every Human Being. We learn about ourselves through the mirror of others who stand before us. But what about those relationships which cause us confusion and pain? How can we transform them into "completion"? How can we view the experience as both strengthening and positive?