The QHHT Session

A QHHT session is 5-6 hrs in length and is $450.00

It includes the following…

  • 2 hrs in a pre-inductive interview

  • 1 hour of education and preparation for hypnosis (going over personal questions)

  • Hypnosis portion includes 3-4 scenes and a transition.

  • The deepest level brings through Higher Consciousness to ask personal questions.

  • Higher Consciousness assists with a body scan and personal healing portion.

  • Upon completion, I bring you out of hypnosis and we spend 20 minutes debriefing the day.

  • Audio file is sent to you after about a week.

You should not plan anything heavy for the remainder of the day, because processing of the event continues easily for the next 48 hrs.

You make a list of your personal questions during the days before coming to the session.  It is a very powerful process and the Universe begins preparing you for your personal session as soon as you commit to a date.

On the day of the session, I ask you to refrain from coffee that morning, wear comfortable clothes and bring a light lunch and water bottle.  Hydration is important for this process.

I make an audio file of the session so that you may listen to it afterwards.  Often people listen to the healing portion as a meditative practice in order to continually clear their bodies.