Indigos, Crystals, Rainbows and Starseeds


We find ourselves at a very curious time.  We observe around us the chaos and dismantling of many systems which clearly demonstrate they are “no longer working”.  Let’s face it! Politics is dishonest, the medical system encourages us to be numb and unaware, the school system neglects to teach children the whole truth and religion separates people instead of uniting them.  Humanity has never needed more assistance in all of history than this very crucial moment.

There are children that have been born into our world over the last 5 decades who possess seeds of knowledge within them to potentially solve all of our planet’s current dilemmas.  Why are they coming in? Because our reality lives by the law of Free Will, which allows all men to make choices of their own volition.  Choices made by mankind have rendered the outcome of our beautiful blue planet as questionable.  The advanced qualities and behaviors of the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow individuals are influencing humanity from the “inside” and bringing through with their presence, more than a hope for positive changes and a new Earth.  These energies have been revealing themselves more recently with the fast paced development of technology which has been informing to most humans. These children have specific energetic signatures and personalities that I will identify in the following paragraphs.


Indigo Energy

Indigos began their decent upon our planet shortly after World War Two.  There were some Indigo scouts who appeared a little before, but a dramatic influx of births ensued post WWII which included the Indigo population.  These children were extremely challenging for parents and mainstream teachers within the education system.  Indigo children possess a sense of entitlement and confidence that can be daunting. They are born with an acute sense about who is truthful, who is lying and when they are being manipulated.  If they are merely being tolerated, they know that too. They have powerful personalities, which straightforwardly express what is on their mind, and are often interpreted by the adults in their lives as “disrespectful or combative”.  Even so, the Indigo individual simply states things as they see them, which is often “bang-on” yet not pretty. Their archetype is “warrior energy” and they challenge authorities continually.

Their role upon the Earth continues to be Change Agents focused on destroying the old paradigm of leadership and re-creating systems that serve humanity more effectively.  They are destined to change and affect government, education and our legal systems, which presently lack integrity.  Indigos tend to be kinesthetic learners, who are able to multi-task effortlessly.  In other words, they get bored easily and are movers and shakers.


Crystal Energy

Crystal individuals have a softer energy.  They are sensitive and often attempt to be invisible because they don’t feel like they belong in this hostile reality.  They are known as “peacemakers” and are natural examples towards showing love, forgiveness and generosity to others.  Because of their sensitivity, they can often feel overwhelmed by the energy of others. Especially large groups of people.  Many are telepathic and are regularly downloaded with so much data about others who come close within their energy field or focus.  Crystals have a challenge around deciphering what emotions and thoughts are theirs, and which belong to others.  Once they learn to manage their sensitivity then they become aware that they are innately gifted and have the potential to affect many others with their naturally uplifting demeanor.  Crystals have very open hearts, yet struggle with confidence and limit setting. A strength of Crystal individuals is their ability to be intimate and connecting.  Their challenge is living in a reality where people hide from intimacy and prefer interacting on a superficial level.  Many Crystals are medicated by their parents early in their teens because “feeling so much is painful”.  Medication creates a buffer from their pain, however the requisite to learn emotional management is negated.

When Crystals learn how to love themselves and commit to being visible, they are a powerful force. They have an intuitive understanding of high spiritual wisdom, healing through energy, and anchoring peace and calm in places of frenetic chaos.

Crystal individuals are presently bringing through the Rainbow children into our world.


Rainbow Energy

I have seen some wonderful examples of Rainbow children recently.  These are children who have such confidence and love within them, and carry no wounded-ness or karma. They come into our existence with talents that are phenomenal, and they show no signs of anxiety or distress around sharing their specific talents with the world.  Their particular talent is their way of expression, which includes methods for humanity to transcend the old paradigms that are not working. They are examples of bringing to this reality, our highest potential and are examples of showing all others what human’s are capable of achieving.  Their achievements are seem-less and with little effort because they innately utilise the Universal laws to create and manifest.   They also bring into their families much joy and harmony.

These children are gifted with coming through at least one parent who is conscious and often with a make-up of Crystal energy.  As a result, they are encouraged to be all that they are and to neither hide nor adapt to social norms.  Their childhood is supported with high concepts being taught to them, even though they may be born into a chaotic environment, or within countries of poverty or political distress. They have tremendous resilience and can recover from extreme states of negative events or surrounding negative emotions quickly.  They are natural healers, channelers, and hold the seeds within them to build a New Earth comprised of peace, collaboration, creativity and community.  Their role of influence is vast so often they become known by their communities early within their lives.  Their unique talents and gifts are heralded to a global level easily through the expansive media and technology.


Starseed Individuals

One of the clearest identifiers of Starseed individuals is their realisation very early in life that this Earth is not their home.  They often gaze up into the cosmos with a heavy yearning because they recognise that this reality is far from being in alignment  with their natural home, which is filled with love, cooperation and service to others.  Much of their dream-life, during their deep sleep is spent in other realms assisting others in need.

Starseed individuals have durations within their lifetimes where they find it difficult to stay upon Earth within the reality of form.  They express and display behaviors that may be considered suicidal at times, and yet they understand that life in a body is a privilege and a time for quantum growth. The energy that the Starseed wields is often not grounded enough in their bodies,  and their natural response to the hostility of Earth is to be in constant  “fight and flight” mode.  They have fearful responses to competition and have little or no interest to drama such as political forums, sports events or reality TV.

Starseed come from a galactic family which is far more advanced than the mass consciousness that exists on Earth.  They carry wisdom that exceeds most, and yet because of the veil of forgetfulness, they translate their “not fitting in” with “having no place to belong”.  The ego-personality part of them that is developed in the same manner of all humans lacks healthy self-confidence and often a positive mentor who can supply guidance within their life-plan.

Starseed come into Earth’s existence as volunteers in order to affect and guide the mass consciousness towards service and upliftment.

As readers who identify the energy of themselves or others within this article, these qualities are shared loosely with no intention to box individuals into certain categories.  When we learn about our natures, and understand ourselves more deeply, then we can view all of our qualities as gifts instead of defects or curses.  It is too easy for the Ego part of us to make us feel like we don’t belong, or that there is something wrong with us.  Keeping us small is Ego’s tactic to keep us protective of ourselves and out of the way of harm though risky behavior.

May we use this information for a clearer view of self, which may lead us to self empowerment and self-love.

Roger MutimerComment